Goldenview Baptist Church


Golden View Baptist Church came into existence in January, 1910. The 13 organized members purchased the property where the church now stands for the sum of $50.00. By March 1910, work was well on the way with the building. The cost to complete the church, including pews and a bell tower was $1500.00. Every member who owned property mortgaged what he or she had for the debt and their spirits never budged an inch. The church continued to grow and yield fruitfully. In 1958, major renovations were done on the church that included brick veneer and the addition of two rooms to be used for Sunday school classes.

In 1971, the current structure was erected. The architectural appearance of the church changed in its entirety. There was a blending of the “old” and the “new”. A new sanctuary, fellowship hall with a kitchen and all of the new features were constructed. Major renovations of the old structure developed into educational classrooms. All of this and more was accomplished under the dynamic leadership of the late Rev. J. C. McDowell, whose Christian influence will live through generations of this church and community.